Repair Services




We perform all regular engine maintenance such as oil changes, coolant flush, hot oil flush, tune up, induction services and more.

Brake System

Keep your brake system functioning properly to avoid premature wear on your brake components with a brake flush and/or brake service.


We do all tire servicing here - four tire mount and balance, seasonal wheel swap, tire rotation, tire puncture repair and wheel balancing, you name it!


We offer transmission flushes, differential and transfer case fluid changes and more.


Using an alignment machine, we ensure all steering measurements are within spec in order to avoid premature wear of tires and/or suspension components, and make sure your vehicle handles the way the engineers intended it too.

And more

Please contact one of our technicians to discuss the additional automotive services we may offer.


Brake Systems

Brake repairs are some of the most common repairs that an auto shop performs. If you require new brake pads, rotors or another type of brake repair, our technicians will get your brakes operating like new.

Steering & Suspension

Replacing ball joints, tie-rod ends, wheel bearings, and all other steering and suspension components is where we shine.


Having engine issues, we can help you with that. We can perform in-depth repairs such as engine replacements, cylinder head gasket replacement and oil leaks just to name a few.


Just like your engine, drivetrain components are complicated parts of your vehicle but not too complicated for us. Let us take on the job of replacing your transmission or transfer case. We also can rebuild differentials or replace u-joints, just send it our way.

Interior & Exterior

Sometimes repairs aren't just about the way the vehicle operates. Sometimes your radio gives you problems, your window won't roll up, or headlights die. Not a problem, we got you covered.




Drivability Diagnostic

We will perform the necessary diagnostics to determine the cause of your vehicle engine running rough, hesitation from engine while driving, malfunctioning indicator lights, etc.

Electrical Diagnostic

This involves our experienced mechanics performing a wide range of tests to determine specific electrical concerns. Please note, most issues can be determined within the first hour. For more complicated issues the technician may require multiple hours to locate the area of concern.

Suspension/General Diagnostic

The technician will conduct a full general inspection of the exterior of the vehicle to determine causes of various types of noises, driving concerns and handling issues.