The Car Family Experience



Safe and Ready to Drive

Unless posted as an "As Is" vehicle, our vehicle inventory is thoroughly inspected by one of the best mechanics in Calgary. After which, they are re-conditioned and made ready to drive! Providing you with reliable vehicles that we stand behind.

Our Motivation

Our focus is to assist those in need and continue to strengthen relationships with great people around the city of Calgary. These treasured relationships have propelled us forward in amazing ways and we cannot wait to give back! We're a Family here, and we strive to grow our Car Family and make a positive influence on the automotive market.

Personal Guarantee

We greatly value honesty and integrity here at Revel Auto Works. As a word-of-mouth small business, our reputation and online presence is very important to us. That being said, you can bet that we will always stand behind our vehicles in continued support following the sales experience. Our goal is to ensure you always have a safe and reliable vehicle!



Goals Matching Vision

With our motivation to assist those in need, we have found that vehicles that are handed down in families tend to be in better mechanical shape. These are the exact vehicles we want to help you pass on to others who may be in need, once you no longer have family left to pass it on to!

You can feel good about where your vehicle is going, and we will ALWAYS pay you considerably more than a dealer or wholesaler would. We are hoping to be the chosen alternative in order to help the local community!

We are happy to make you an offer, regardless of the condition of your vehicle. Please consider us the next time you have an old family vehicle that needs a new home! Or if you simply wish to sell.